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I. & M. Smith (Pty) Ltd.

I & M Smith Centenary Party 15 th. October 2015

16 Oct 2015
One hundred years since Isadore and Mark Smith registered I & M Smith in Johannesburg and started trading, the Directors and Staff of I & M Smith (Pty) Ltd. hosted a celebratory Cocktail Party and follow on sit down dinner for one hundred and seven good friends at the Wanderers Club in Illovo, Johannesburg. The function was held on Thursday 15th. October, 2015.

The guests in attendance included a combination of close commercial friends and family and the event was therefore not by nature a commercial function, but one of fun and celebration and with accompanying music and what proved to be a very active dance floor.

Many of the guests had travelled in from many thousands of kilometres away and brought with them the chance to celebrate and catch up with old friends, as well as an opportunity to make new friends. It was by nature a very special evening for all who attended. The ambience of the venue, with its own one hundred and twenty nice near history, added to the historic background to this one hundred year party.

The atmosphere of the event was further elaborated by the cocktail and restaurant rooms which were only separated by folding glass doors and lead on to a broad veranda, that overlooked the gardens and bowling club greens of the Wanderers Club. The warm late spring weather and the full bloom Jacaranda trees provided additional inspiration for the guests to sip pre dinner cocktails, as well as enjoy tea and coffee themed hors d’vors, on the veranda, prior to the sit down set menu dinner. The veranda also proved to be a welcome spot for the more exuberant of dancers as the evening progressed towards midnight, to chill out and chat.

The start of the event at 1800 hrs., greeted guests with a welcome flute of champagne and for some, the night remained young until the doors finally closed just before 0200 hrs. on Friday morning. While for some staff who were hosting travelling guests, the party carried on for an hour or two more, at other venues for the final celebratory drinks. It was really a night to remember for the members of I & M Smith and likewise for their many friends and one that sets the company on a positive frame of mind, for the next one hundred years ahead.