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Greenhouse Sprayers

ESS Electrostatic Greenhouse Sprayers

Part of the powerful line of sprayers from Electrostatic Spraying Systems, Inc

Electrostatically charged pesticide droplets are attracted to the plant. These electrical forces are 75 times stronger than gravity. Pesticide covers all parts of the plant, including the undersides of leaves where most insects live and feed.

New Product

The new model J-PTO J-2 sprayer has two 56 litre tanks feeding two hose reels and guns, which can be single or double nozzle guns, as growers prefer.

Each tank will give approximately 210 minutes of spray time, feeding the standard gun and from a 76 meter hose, to each gun.


Image 1: ESS 100/12 Double Boom A narrow 12 nozzle sprayer, which is suitable for small greenhouse tractors and relatively narrow drive rows.

Image 2: The 105 cm wide 12 nozzle standard 100US12 can also come with a Turbo blower that can support up to 28 nozzles, on a central boom and therefore trellises of as high as 3 meters. To provide for good mechanised greenhouse controls, which eliminate the chances of irregular spray controls which can occur with manual spray applications.

Image3: ESS 80SR16 Sprayer operating within a Greenhouse environment, but these sprayer that can have extended single of double booms, can take up to 20 nozzles (80SR20) and are suitable for both Greenhouse and open field operation.

The ESS 80SR20 Turbo Sprayer is suitable for Greenhouses, Small Tree Crops and booms can be configured with booms suitable for Tape Grapes and any Overhead trellis crops. 


ESS have converted the conventional tractor mounted ESS 80SR14 to 20 nozzle sprayer, to a Skid mount that would carry the sprayer and the required power source. The skid can be mounted on a chassis and wheels suitable for towing upon in row rails or on a chassis and wheels suitable for hauling within the rows.


ESS Greenhouses Brochure (PDF 1.2MB)

Additional Small Sprayers Greenhouse and Sanitation Sprayer Brochure (PDF 920KB)

MBP-4 Mountain Man Greenhouse and Field Sprayer Flyer (PDF 987KB)

100US12 Greenhouse and Field Sprayer Flyer (PDF 351KB)

ESS SR 80, 100 & 150 Turbo Sprayers (JPEG)


ESS related Greenhouse study (PDF 914KB)