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Sanitation Sprayers

Aside from Agricultural spraying the ESS electrostatic technology offers many options for sanitation spraying within Medical Facilities, Public Transport, Food facilities and for Agricultural Produce Post Harvest controls. With these dry low volume but overall coverage penetrating spraying systems, allowing for ease of application, no run off and the ability to maximise the control qualities of the spray applications.

The electric models of these fine units quote power in terms of the U.S.A. 110 volt systems, but all of these sprayers do also come with the option of a 220 volt electric motor. Thus they are plug in an spray friendly, for our African markets as well.


SC-EB-1 Suitcase Sprayer Flyer (337KB PDF)

SC-1 MRSA Suitcase Sprayer Flyer (877KB PDF)

ESS Model SC-1 Suitcase Sprayer Flyer (248KB PDF)

SC-ET Suitcase Sprayer Flyer (1.7MB PDF)

ESS-XT Sprayer Flyer (569KB PDF)

ESS MBP-4 Sprayer Flyer (987KB PDF)