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Coffee consumption variants

07 Aug 2015
Coffee variants
Among the most common variations of coffee drinks, we can mention :

• Afogatto : the affogato is a drink made of coffee. It usually takes the form of a ball of vanilla ice cream or vanilla ice cream topped with hot espresso. We can also add the Amaretto or other liqueur.
• American coffee : American coffee is coffee prepared with an espresso and hot water. Very close to Long black, but the espresso before the water, which has the effect of removing the foam;
• Café au lait : coffee with milk is obtained by mixing a volume of milk for coffee volume;
• Cafe con panna : coffee con panna is a coffee with whipped cream on top;
• Caffè di capra : Caffè di capra is an espresso served with goat's milk;
• Caffè lungo : the lungo coffee is a espresso prepared with a single dose of coffee and two water but instead of a dose in the case of a conventional espresso;
• Caffèpucci : The pucci coffee is a double espresso added a few drops of rum and almond or orange liqueur;
• Cappuccino : Cappuccino is espresso in a large cup with preheated steam until frothing milk. Before serving you can add a little bitter chocolate powder on milk froth;
• Carajillo : the carajillo is a Spanish drink made with coffee which is added brandy or rum;
• Champoreau : the champoreau is sprayed with an alcoholic liqueur coffee;
• Coffee chocolate : the chocolate cafe is a cafe where we melt an equal volume of chocolate;
• Coffee mocha : the mocha coffee is espresso wherein dissolved cocoa, sugar and then added to the milk froth;
• Corretto coffee: the corrected coffee, also called coffee watered, is an Italian beverage prepared with espresso which is added to the liquor, usually grappa, the sambuca or brandy;
• Cream coffee : Cream Cafe is a cafe where we add a little cream or some milk. French-speaking Switzerland, the added milk coffee is called reversed;
• Espresso Doppio : The Doppio Coffee is a double espresso served in a large cup;
• Espresso or expresso : espresso is a strong coffee, obtained by percolation under high pressure. Espresso is a dark brown color and is topped with a golden foam called supernatant crema consisting of oils, proteins and sugars;
• Filter coffee : filter coffee is a style of coffee prepared by passing and boiling water through a filter filled with ground coffee. Water flows in coffee only by gravity. The brewed liquid is collected in the filter coffee;
• Galão : galão the Portuguese is a hot drink made of a mixture of espresso and milk foam;
• Hazel : Hazel is an espresso in which a cloud of milk is added;
• Iced coffee : the iced coffee is prepared with instant coffee and fresh drinks with a straw and ice. It is very popular in Greece, Cyprus and Macedonia;
• Irish coffee : the Irish coffee is an alcoholic beverage made with a volume of whiskey for three volumes of coffee.
• Latte coffee : Latte coffee is obtained by mixing a drink in a volume of frothy milk for coffee volume;
• Latte macchiato : latte macchiato differs from caffè latte in that this beverage contains more milk and foamed;
• Liège coffee : the Liège coffee is a cold coffee beverage and ice cream;
• Long black coffee : a long black coffee is coffee prepared by extending two doses of espresso with water heated by the espresso machine hot water;
• Mocaccino or Moccaccino : the Moccaccino is a hot drink made of Italian cappuccino, cream and chocolate, mixed with any powder . Bar, it is usually served in a glass transparent so we can see the different layers of coffee, chocolate and buttermilk foam;
• Ristretto : ristretto is a very strong coffee ;
• Turkish coffee : Armenian coffee or oriental coffee is a drink made of coffee decoction which is drunk in the Mediterranean countries and the Middle East;
• Viennese coffee : Viennese coffee is a preparation composed of a fairly clear long espresso, to which we add the beaten hot milk with whipped cream, and as cappuccino, Viennese café is decorated with chocolate powder or chips;